Sunday, 17 April 2011

Assignment 2 (Part 1)

I have chosen flowers and plants as my subject for this assignment.  So far I have selected the following photos, and below are explanations for my choice.

I chose this photo to represent pattern as the lavender flowers are planted in straight lines which make a pattern that goes on well beyond the composition.

Implied Triangle
The shape of this bunch of snowdrops in an inverted triangle.

Distinct Shape:
I have chosen this image because it is a very distinct circle.

Vertical Lines:
These un-open crocus provide attractive vertical lines which form the main part of this composition.

Vertical Lines:
These new buds on a weeping willow tree hang vertically and make a very pleasing photograph against the dark background.

Here this formal flower bed has been planted in straight lines.  I photographed from an angle to show the right angle of the corner and form diagonal lines.

Inverted Triangles:
Here the flower beds have been planted into two triangles.  The higher one has the apex at the top and the lower the apex is at the bottom.

Here the tulips have been planted very close together and combined with the light shining through the petals and leaves they have formed a rhythm across the image.  There is a certain amount of regularity but because the subject is natural it is not perfect as you would find in a man-made subject.

For this image I took a close up photo of an orchid.  There are some very distinct curves in the flower and by taking the photo face on and cropping the edges it has made them the main focus.

Outstanding images to follow:
  • Single point dominating the composition
  • Two points
  • Several points in a deliberate shape
  • Perhaps another implied triangle

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