Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Colour - Exercise: Colour Relationships

For the first part of this exercise I needed to take the following colours:
Red: green 1:1
Orange: blue 1:2
Yellow: violet 1:3

These are my attempts at this.

Red: green - 1:1
These are fairly easy colours to find in nature and 50/50 is a simple ratio to apply.

Orange:blue - 1:2
Not such an easy colour relationship to find in nature, so I have improvised!
By setting up a still life composition it made it easier to set the correct ratio.

Yellow: violet - 1:3
Fortunately I had some pansies in my garden with flowers of these colours.  Here I have cropped the photo to achieve the correct ratio.

For the second part of this exercise I have chosen some images with colour combinations that appeal to me...]

This image appealed to me because of the three primary colours: green, yellow and red.  The pattern of the maize adds to the effect created by the strong colours.

This image appealed to me because of the strong contrast between the bright blue and dark red, almost brown colour in the background.  These colours clash with each other and there is an imbalance as such, but this really draws your eye to the paper (man-made flower) and how that conflicts with the natural tree branch and wood.

This is a classic combination of green and red which appeals to me because of the strong contrasts.  The redness of the berries is enhanced by the dark green leaves in the background.

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